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About Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a large Bed and Breakfast built on a hill (thus the name Hill House, or Casa Loma in Spanish) on the main road just as you enter Pedasi.  It's a large piece of land with lots of fruit and native trees, plenty of birds including the occasional parrots and hummingbirds, and plenty of shady places to lounge about.  La Loma, the hill, is the name that this area was referred to long before any buildings were here.  La Loma was the place where the kids gathered to play  and many an afternoon and evening were spent laughing, running and just being kids.  That same fun and family orientation is still true at Casa Loma today.  The Casa at La Loma is a large, family style home, built to look like a traditional Panamanian villa of a bygone time.  Each of thet B&B rooms is incorporated into one of the larger buildings on the property.  Come join us and share in the style, tranquility, and convenience of Casa Loma's location.  Casa Loma is our house and we're excited to share it with you!


In 2014 we purchased the adjoining property, the Pedasi Sports Club.  Now, with this addition, we can offer full breakfast and even dinner on special occassions, a bar for drinks and snacks, and a large family pool.  In addition, we operate a complete diving, fishing and adventure tour operation so you can book the trips you'd like right here at the hotel.  We provide transportation, handle all the details,  and pack lunches and drinks, where appropriate.   Click on the button below to check out the Pedasi Sports Club web site.


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