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Looking for real estate in Pedasi?

Maybe we can help.

In the process of buying our home in Pedasi we learned a lot.  And one of those things we learned was how lucky we were in finding anything that would be suitable.  There was simply no supply of homes available and no-one building anything.  There were plenty of lots for sale, and plenty of them with no services and nothing more than weak promises to have water and electirc to the property "soon". 

We saw an opportunity and shortly after buying our own home, bought 7 lots and started design of what we call Traditional Panamanian Country Homes.  To date we've built or are completing building of 7 of these homes in the low $100,000 price range and have also built smaller, less expensive homes for several friends in Pedasi. 


Things have improved a bit over the past 18 months.  There's another builder of homes now operating in Pedasi, but availability of "spec" homes ready to buy is still pretty limited.  We've got a couple of houses ready for occupancy, and also several available for rent.  You can check out our homes for sale and for rent by clicking on the button below.

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